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How to Succeed

UPM today is indispensable as a tool FOR AUTHORS to sell, promote and market their publications and their brand literally, for any endeavor, anywhere in the world.
UPM can help launch a new author and make it possible to achieve the success desired.

Success is measured in the quality of an author's exposure once published. Concentrated niche marketing is key and knowing how to do it is unquestionably the passport to successful and sustainable personal exposure and financial success.
UPM professionally edits, publishes and promotes an author's work to achieve that end.

Professional editing is all but unavailable through university systems although much more effort has now been devoted to developing other alternatives that addresses the development of independent works.
UPM also provides access to viable and successful online publishing and marketing tools. Specialized online programs available through social media exposure are designed for the individual desirous of maximizing the exposure of their publication and services.
UPM educates and guides development of the publishing and marketing process every step of the way.