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In January 2021 , UPM launches a new journal, ARTICLES BY SCHOLARS (ABS). This is a free article reservoir for organizations, institutions, magazine, eZines, and publications desiring information from those who know and are experts in their field. These scholars can be practicing academics, other professionals such as lawyers, MD's, Accountants, Homeland Security experts, students and those who have undertaken to do considerable study in a particular, or multiple fields on their own and have come to be recognized as the guru in the crowd.

For Writers

UPM is a publisher and authors primary resource. 

UPM manages a number of emerging Academic Journals designed for scholars to not only expose their research to the general public through ARTICLES By SCHOLARS but through a series of eJournals sponsored by
Global Academy  and the Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise, You have the opportunity through UpMarketing's representation to both publish in these Academic Journals and also outside the academic journals for consumption by the general public through UpMarketing's own online publishing of ARTICLES By SCHOLARS.

Publishers seeking articles include eZines and BLOGs looking for outstanding content and information for their readers and they number in the thousands. All articles submitted are reviewed and approved by Editors to meet our high standards of acceptance.
for your visitors.

For Publishers

If you are a publisher or webmaster in need of good quality articles to round out your web site or to build a new one, UpMarketing provides a unique and high-end list of original articles that have substance and value to readers.

The articles, in most cases are by Academics and Researchers as well as professionals and experts in their respective fields. They are made available in easy to use HTML format so all you have to do is choose the article, click a button and then copy and paste the HTML code to use on your site. It's as easy as that! We even offer Free Article RSS Feeds so you can do less work.